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Renga is a unique and powerful way for people to gather and write together. It is a traditional japanese form dating from 1000 years ago. I have inherited my approach to Renga from fellow writer and collaborator Subhadassi. Usually a renga involves a group of people writing together, but there are also ‘slow rengas’ where two or more people create a renga across distance. Here is a renga Subhadassi and I created together. 


If you would like to talk to me about this form of shared writing and explore its possibilities for yourself or a group - please get in touch via the contact page. 


From deep in the burrow



Darkness at tea-time

and the begonias still

bright and blousy


                                                condensation on the kitchen window

                                                my mother’s perfect boiled potatoes


riding the escalator 

tucked into one another

like penguins


                                                I sit perfectly still, 

                                                on the ash bench


watching from the pavilion

the rip in the air

as he let the ball go


                                                dream of a houseboat sucked

                                                seawards by primal currents


a soft darkness

low voices

waiting for one more


                                                countless unnameable little birds

                                                silvered in the stripped-back birch


a child’s hand on the lens

fragments of coloured glass

falling into focus


                                                her felt-tip flowers

                                                striping the shoe box


from deep in the burrow

she senses the band of gold

cresting the ridge


                                                your patience repaid

                                                in primula, in broccoli spears.



a Slow Renga January - New Year to Summer 2015, Subhadassi and Fiona Bennett. 

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